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London, E17

Perky Blenders are small batch specialty coffee roasters, based in Walthamstow, London. We offer coffee bean subscription, sending fresh coffee by post. Making home coffee brewing as easy as possible.



Flavours at Project 660 with Régine

Thomas Cozens

This morning began with a production cupping alongside our Project 660 Roasting team...

What is cupping?

Cupping is a way of tasting coffee in order to discover its true flavours, notes, qualities and defects. Here we control the quality of our coffee.

How tasty was our coffee?

Tom, our head roaster and co-owner of Perky Blenders, really entertained our taste buds by well developing the fruity notes of the coffee.

We cupped Rwandan Nyungwe coffee which revealed notes of Rhubarb, Tangerine and Blackberry. Our coffee Nicaragua, El Bosque was dominant with dark chocolate and cherry notes. Our Brazil, Vale De Sol brought us a taste of peanut butter sweetened with molasses and finally a juicy Ethiopian coffee with exotic fruit tea notes.

These coffees are contained within our Forest Blend and current Blend of the month “Ruby”.

Well, what about learning about cupping coffee, or anything else about coffee?

At Perky Blenders Training Academy we offer a wide range of courses, from homebrewing to certified courses by the prestigious Speciality Coffee Association (SCA), we will also be hosting several fun competitions and public cupping sessions.

These two coming weeks we have various afternoon and evening classes.


1pm – AeroPress Workshop (£20)

2pm – V60 Workshop (£20)

3pm – French Press Workshop (£20)

530pm – Basic Latte Art (£50)


1pm – Kalita Workshop (£20)

2pm – Clever Workshop (£20)

3pm – Chemex Workshop (£20)


1pm – Introduction to Sensory and Cupping (£100)

5:30pm – Barista Level 1 (£50)

Fri – 19

12:30pm – Home Brewing (£50)


12pm – Home Roasting


5:30pm – Barista Level 2 (£50)


5:30pm – Exploring the Espresso (£50)


7pm – Unconventional V60 Championship

Perky Blenders Cappuccino cake by Holly Loves Cake

The Order

In the first of our monthly local-legend recipe giveaways, we have a very special coffee cake from the wonderful Holly, owner of Hollylovescake. From tonka bean and beetroot to fresh flowers and spices, Holly’s focus on ingredients and flavour perfectly matches our own blending philosophy. 
Holly’s cappuccino cake uses our blend of the month, Equinox, to get that heady, aromatic taste we all expect from a good coffee cake. We can’t say it better than Holly: 

The light fluffiness comes from the whipped egg whites, which give it a pillow-soft texture. I then use cacao for chocolate undertones, making it luxurious and rich, smother it in a rich coffee buttercream (to die for), and to add texture, decorate with fresh coffee beans and toasted walnuts.

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