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Perky Blenders are small batch specialty coffee roasters, based in Walthamstow, London. We offer coffee bean subscription, sending fresh coffee by post. Making home coffee brewing as easy as possible.

Life After Cancer

DRINK IT PINK this month and support




Week 3 - Scott’s Story

It had been a couple of months and I still had this dry persistent violent cough. After being back and forth from the doctors many times being prescribed different antibiotics and being diagnosed with sinus infection, chest infection and Glandular Fever it eventually got to the point where I’d had enough. At this point I was worn down, tired, agitated and fed up. I also noticed several lumps has appeared in my neck and across my collarbone. An ambulance was called; tests and a biopsy was promptly done. To be told you’ve got cancer is a shock, kind of surreal feeling for someone who is 24 years old and still has their life ahead of them. I took it all on board and the diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was a relief. I was Stage 4A. I finally had an answer to why I was ill for so long. Not the outcome I’d imagined but I now had a purpose to beat this disease. Fortunately it is highly treatable and very successful even in the later stages. There was hope..

So there I was stuck in a cycle for the next 6 months of hospital trips, chemo, blood tests, PET Scans and talking with my Macmillan Nurses and Consultant on a regular basis. I tolerated the chemotherapy well. Not too many nasty side effects. I had to. I wanted my future back. Thankfully after 6 months I had a Complete Metabolic Response and I was all clear of the disease. I have been all clear a year now and slowly getting back to normality again. 

I did struggle mentally afterwards and that’s when I got in contact with Steph. I met with her every couple weeks and we talked about many things. Some of it not even making sense. But it was needed and my outlook on life improved drastically. I became more positive and was able to set myself little goals to move ahead again with my life.

There is a life after cancer, for me it was merely a speed bump in the road. I do hope to meet up once a month and meet others that have been in the same situation as myself. Thank you Steph and everyone at the life after cancer group and I hope to see you all soon. Keep fighting. 

Scott Whitham, 26


Week 2


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Read Helen’s story

Week 2 of Breast Cancer Awareness month and we are already so amazed by all your support. There is life after cancer….this week read Helen from Walthamstow story
I noticed the lump when I was six months pregnant with my second child. Breast changes are so normal in pregnancy that I wasn’t really worried but thought it best to get checked. It was an utter shock to be told that it was breast cancer. I was only 34! My life instantly became a whirlwind of medical appointments. I had surgery while I was pregnant to remove the lump and lymph nodes in my armpit. I then had an induced labour and gave birth to my son, who was small but perfect. I started chemotherapy when he was 3 weeks old, barely out of hospital, and spent his first six months having 8 rounds of chemo. This was followed by radiotherapy and hormone treatment to put me into an early menopause. It’s fair to say it was not exactly a normal maternity leave! I found the best way to get through treatment was to go into survival mode, living from one hospital appointment to the next. But then suddenly I was finished and had no idea what to do next. How could I just go back to work, to being a mum, to normal life? How do I live with the very real fear of the cancer coming back? Luckily, it was at this point that I came across the fabulous Life after Cancer group. It’s a lovely bunch of people who meet in Walthamstow to discuss life, cancer and everything in between. It’s provided me with so much support. Thank you, Steph, for running the group and everything you do!

Helen, 36, Walthamstow.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Read Emma’s story here….

It was just a normal morning except unusually I was looking in the mirror as I lifted up my arms to put my hair up. I noticed a crease about an inch long from my nipple downwards which didn’t move when my arm moved. I couldn’t feel a lump but as it was still there the next morning I went to see the GP. She also couldn’t feel a lump but luckily as there was something visible there she referred me to the breast clinic at north mid hospital. 2 weeks later I’d been diagnosed with stage 1 grade 2 invasive ducal carcinoma and 2 weeks after that I had it removed via lumpectomy. I had an oncotype text done and it was a high score so I ended up having chemotherapy and radiotherapy to prevent re-occurrence. Chemo was not kind to me and after the first one I ended up in hospital for 6 days with neutropenic sepsis. But I got through my treatment and 2 years on, this is me, happy, healthy and moving on with life! 6 months ago I answered a Facebook post on a Walthamstow group saying there was a life after cancer group who meet twice a month, once for yoga and once for a support group chat. It’s been amazing. It’s so lovely meeting people locally who just get it and I’ve made some new friends. I’d like to thank Steph for running life after cancer, it really has been invaluable to me. Lastly, in breast cancer awareness month I’d like to ask you all to check yourselves. 

Emma Peskett, 41


This October our Blend Of The Month is turning PINK to raise awareness of Breast Cancer. More than 5000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this month alone.

We recently met Steph Davies from Life After Cancer who after her own journey set up a support group to help others live a better life after cancer. Steph is doing an amazing job of supporting those who have recently finished cancer treatment and those who have helped partners, friends and family though cancer. We will be donating 20% of our profits on BOTM bags sold in-store and online this October to Life After Cancer a local