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London, E17

Perky Blenders are small batch specialty coffee roasters, based in Walthamstow, London. We offer coffee bean subscription, sending fresh coffee by post. Making home coffee brewing as easy as possible.


Fresh Siphon Coffee....



Fresh Siphon

@ Perky Blenders 

by Brewed Solution

Launching in stores soon!

As seen at London Coffee Festival 2018

Our siphon design uses an entirely glass pathway, importantly even the filter is made from lab grade borosilicate glass so there are zero reactants.

Using a glass filter gives our coffee the benefits of metal and fabric filters. The oils are extracted whilst retaining clarity and smoothness.

With these specialised siphons we can consistently brew at optimum conditions making a wonderfully full and incredibly smooth coffee revealing a character of the bean that is delicate yet rich and sweet without bitterness.

Chocolate and fruit flavours are illuminated alongside a pleasant mineral acidity that can be almost effervescent like that found in specialty teas.

I often let my coffee sit till room temperature or bottle and chill overnight to bring out a more complex and refreshing profile than found in the hot cup.

These bottles are great to grab on the go, or keep in the fridge for evening treats and cocktail mixing. It’s a great ingredient for Chefs in the kitchen, for chillies and smoky stews or chocolate syrups and tiramisu.