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London, E17

Perky Blenders are small batch specialty coffee roasters, based in Walthamstow, London. We offer coffee bean subscription, sending fresh coffee by post. Making home coffee brewing as easy as possible.

Training Academy

Coffee Classes for Baristas, Home Brewing, Home roasting, Espresso, Latte Art and Cupping. Also Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Diploma Courses hosted by our in house AST including Introductory to Coffee, Sensory, Brewing, Barista Skills and Green Coffee.

Training Academy


Coffee Workshops

At our coffee workshops you can 'Taste the Wheel', explore Espresso, learn Latte Art, Home brewing, Home Roasting and train as a Barista.


SCA Courses

Take your coffee knowledge to the next level by completing the right course for you with our SCA Trainer and receive official certifications.


Coffee Experience Gift Vouchers

Give someone special a coffee experience that they can continue to enjoy every day. Vouchers can be redeemed whenever you wish with any classes or courses you choose.

Meet your Trainers




Mikey AKA #badboybarista is the man to know if you want to sharpen your barista skills.

Whether it is fine tuning your espresso, perfecting your milk or preparing for competition, he will make sure you are ready for anything.

Regine loves coffee. She has a stack of green coffee books on her bedside table, sleeps with her refractometer, dreams of the perfect extraction, cups every morning, then drinks coffee throughout the day.


Training is her passion, and connecting with new coffee people is as essential to her as breathing.

Regine, started her journey as a coffee trainer at Benugo. 

Last year, after achieving her Brewing and Barista Skills SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) diplomas she became an AST (Authorised SCAE Trainer) at Caravan Coffee Roasters as a Barista trainer and QC (Quality Control), before adding SCA Sensory Skills module to her AST teaching.

Last Barista Camp, in Estonia, Regine had the privilege to be assistant AST for the Barista Skills foundation module and Sensory Skills foundation module which allow her to work with great ASTs who improved her training technique.

Since she has added SCA Green Coffee module to her teaching and is working on SCA Roasting with Perky Blenders.

Whilst running SCA courses and fun coffee classes at Perky Blenders, Régine and the enthusiastic Perky Blenders team  will organise competitions and events.


The Academy - Project 660


Perky Blenders Coffee Roasters - Project 660

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