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Howard Road
London, England, E11 3PJ
United Kingdom


Perky Blenders are small batch specialty coffee roasters, based in Walthamstow, London. We offer coffee bean subscription, sending fresh coffee by post. Making home coffee brewing as easy as possible.



Our finest moments are shared, with friends.

We have been proud to work with such reputable companies and we have an exciting list of new relationships on the horizon to report to you. Keep your eye on these and our mail subscription so that you do not miss out on the next 'Epic Co-lab'.

Wild Card

Epic in every sense, our friends at the Wild Card are a force to reckon with. Which is exactly what we did. Our Coffee Stout was a smash, it flew of the shelves selling out in a matter of days. Along with a party with Perky Blenders resident DJs at the time, Adam and John, we just look forward to the next one - watch this space.


Mirth, Marvel & Maud

Defining the classic, 'Perky Blenders Espresso Martini' is a top cocktail at this stunning art deco, days gone by cinema. We love these guys and their venue even more, what a setting for our best selling cocktail. You can now find our coffee being served here too. 


Denim & Dine

Perky Blenders partnered with Pedro Passinhas and his Denim ‘N’ Dine team, bringing a 7 course coffee & food pairing and light coffee workshop over two evenings. Creating a truly unique menu, by introducing an element of coffee into each course - think coffee flowers, coffee leaves, coffee cherries and using a Perky Blenders unique roasted coffee selection.


Mothers Ruin

Mother's Perky Frappe? Yes! Go grab one. We have been working with Mothers Ruin, the mighty Gin Palace in Walthamstow, since 2015. These close friends of ours serve divine foraged gin infusions at their very popular cocktail bar. 



OrganicLea are remarkable at producing and up-cycling in a forward thinking, great tasting, fun loving masterful community project. We have a bespoke blend with these guys - they feature our HornBean blend, an entirely organic product. 


Incoming Coffee

Our masterful, bespoke black bagged blend, is only available in Incoming Coffee. This shop sets itself strongly apart from its neighbour (a big chain we don't like to mention) and packs a punch with Perky Blenders on sale in retail and from their incredible espresso machine.