Part of the world of specialty coffee is the Knowledge. What goes into a really great cup of coffee? Have no fear, we have the answer with our Great Coffee Knowledge Box, a combo of great coffee, the history of great coffee, and a handy tool to make sure your it always tastes great. Perfect as a gift to get your friend started in coffee. 

The Coffee:

Where we start and end. This is 200g of our big and bold Sow blend, rich and creamy, enough for about 10 flat whites. Its a strong European style classic coffee with flavours of Butterscotch, Walnut, and Brown Spices. 

The Coffee History:

This is Coffee, a Global History. In this wonderful hardback, author Jonathan Morris explores how the world got a taste for coffee, yet why coffee tastes so different around the world. Perfect on any coffee table next to your freshly brewed cup. 

The Coffee Tool: 

We've topped it off with a very cool perky branded scoop and clip to make sure your amounts are even and your coffee remains fresh always.