acacia blend

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Hints of: Bergamot, Strawberry, Caramel

Grown in: Ethiopia (Adola), Ethiopia (Dimtu Hambella)

Best suited for: Espresso + Filter + Aeropress + Cold Brew

Christmas Gift

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GETTING TO KNOW our acacia blend

Acacia blend is our love letter to East Africa - the birthplace of our favourite drink, and a part of the world revered for the vibrancy and intoxicating flavours of its coffees.

Our Acacia blend features two Ethiopian coffees produced within the famous Guji region;

The first one comes from the Adola dry mill, with cherries collected from over a thousand small scale farms of the region. This gives the sweet caramelly body and strawberry flavour to the blend.

The second is produced by a collective of 300 small scale farmers and processed by Hambella Dhekbor - a local washing station. This coffee provides sparkly citrus and floral high notes.

ombined, they make a blend that works across many different brewing methods but particularly shines when brewed with a pour-over filter cone.