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forest blend
forest blend
forest blend
forest blend

forest blend

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Sourced from:
Brazil - Barra Estate - Jose Edivaldo / Rwanda - Bushoki

Tastes like:
Milk Chocolate / Praline / Marmalade  / Honey

Suitable for:
All Espresso and AeroPress, incl those who like it milky


Here at Perky, we pride our little selves on our hero of the house, Forest Blend. Named after our lovely London Borough, Waltham Forest. But don’t let this council named coffee fool you into thinking it’s about bin collections and parking fines, oh no.

This signature specialty brew is the business. Top grade beans are seasonally sourced to ensure a taste that will make your mouth sweat happiness. We ensure the tasting notes, quality and consistency remain the same, creating a wonderful cup on any brew method, with or without milk.

More Info from the farm:

Process: Washed + Pulp Natural

Varietal: Red Bourbon + Mundo Movo

Altitude: 1776 + 1330 MASL


Location: Brazil - Barra Estate - Jose Edivaldo

Altitude: 950 - 1300 masl

Process: Pulp Natural

Variety: Mundo Novo & Catuai

Owner: José Edivaldo Gonçalves

Harvest: May - September

Located in the in the unique volcanic terroir of Poços de Caldas, Barra Estate is perfectly situated in this mountainous region, with altitudes ranging from 950 – 1300 masl. The farm sits on the periphery of the volcanic caldera (old crater) which has a diameter of 31km and has soils and climate suited for producing specialty coffee with distinct profiles. The Barra Estate farm has been in the family since 1966 when José Edivaldo Gonçalves' father decided to start growing coffee. Now the farm is run by José and his three sons - Tiago, Felipe and André. The farm land spans 190 hectares, of which 120 are used to grow coffee. Each harvest the farm produces around 800 bags of specialty coffee, and employs 250 seasonal workers to hand pick coffee, as the steep terrain of the farm and is not accessible by machines. During harvest season the coffee is manually collected when the cherry reaches maturation. Once picked, the coffee is then pulped to remove the mucilage covering the bean, before being laid out on patios and turned regularly until the coffee is dried down to 11% moisture. The process lasts usually between 10 – 14 days. Once dried, it is then stored in wooden hoppers for 20 days to rest and equalise before being hulled and bagged ready for shipment.

Location: Rwanda - Bushoki

Altitude: 1700masl

Process: Washed

Variety: Red Bourbon

Owner: Iyongera Musaruro Co-op

Harvest: March - July

Rwanda is blessed with ideal coffee growing conditions that include high altitude, regular rainfall, volcanic soils with good organic structure and an abundance of Bourbon. The vast majority of Rwandan coffee is produced by smallholders of which there are thought to be around half a million with parcels of land often not much larger than just one hectare per family. Coffee is grown in most parts of the country, with particularly large concentrations along Lake Kivu and in the southern province. Rwandan smallholders organise themselves into cooperatives and share the services of centralised wet-mills – or washing stations as they are known locally. Flowering takes place between September and October and the harvest runs from March to July, with shipments starting in late May, early June. Bushoki The station was initially built in 2006 by the Iyongera Musaruro Co-operative who began working with Falcon's sister company RTC in 2014, to help with financial management and production oversight to improve all aspects of the station. The co-op has approximately 500 members and receives cherry from 800 farmers in total from the surrounding area. During the harvest process, cherry is delivered to the station where it is pulped using a 3 disc Mckinnon pulper before undergoing fermentation in tanks for 12 - 18 hours. After this, the coffee is density sorted in the water grading channels before being dried on one of the 42 raised African beds