sow blend

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Hints of: Walnut, Dark Sugar, Herbal

Grown in: Brazil (Fazenda Pantano), India (Krishna Giri)

Best suited for: Espresso + Moka Pot + French Press

Christmas Gift

How it works: We will dispatch your order between 15th - 17th December, ensuring fresh coffee arrives in time for Christmas. Please note: this will apply to all items in your order.

GETTING TO KNOW our sow blend


This is our most traditional blend, some would even call it “old school” in the specialty coffee spheres. Ideal for those who like a strong cup of coffee with low acidity and warm flavours.

Created a few years ago for a partnership, this blend secured its spot on the starting roster by popular demand, ready to sow the seeds of love (for coffee). 


Where the coffee comes from: 

The Brazilian coffee is produced by Mauro Galheri on his family farm, Fazenda Pantano. This Mundo Novo cultivar is naturally processed and has everything we love about Brazilian coffee: warm, chocolatey, with lovely subtle hints of stone fruit.

The Indian component is in fact the same as our September Coffee of the month - so popular it's made its resounding comeback. This honey processed Chandrigiri cultivar produced at the Krishna Giri plantation in the southwestern state of Karnataka provides the rich nutty and herbal flavours to this blend.