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aeropress + coffee gift set
aeropress + coffee gift set

aeropress + coffee gift set

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Want to enjoy great tasting coffee without leaving the comfort of your kitchen?

Of course you do but you also want it to be faff-free right?

The AeroPress is just that. Simple to use, easy to clean and makes mighty fine mug, fast.

(If you were to) ask most baristas they’d tell you that this is their go to, both at home and on holiday (because let’s be honest, holiday coffee is always questionable). It knocks out a fine filter or an excellent espresso in just 30 seconds.

We include a 200g bag of our specialty grade ‘Forest Blend’ ground specifically for the AeroPress, as well as all the bits and bobs needed to get started straight away.

If you would like to learn how to get the most out of your AeroPress, head here for our recommended recipe.