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blend of the month - christmas blend
blend of the month - christmas blend
blend of the month - christmas blend
blend of the month - christmas blend

blend of the month - christmas blend

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Sourced from:
Peru - San Francisco [Huabal] + Nicaragua - Agua Sarca [Dipilto]

Tastes like:
Candied Fruit / Nutmeg / Eucalyptus

Suitable for:

Filter but we've found this also works well in a good Irish Coffee


Each month (funnily enough) we introduce a new Blend of the Month. To be quite frank, this is probably one of our most favourite things to do (bar eating pizza, but that's pretty normal right?)

We carefully sourced two or more beans that caressingly (it's a word) compliment each other. Expect some fun flavours here that work brilliantly with most brew methods.  

Please note, this is the biodegradable bag version of our Christmas Blend, if you are looking for our Special Edition, Evokes Emporium design, recyclable bag you can find it here


More Info from the farm: 

Location: Peru San Francisco

Altitude: 1600-1950 MASL

Process: Washed

Variety: Mixed

San Francisco is a village in the district of Huabal, which is home to over 50 farming families. The altitudes range from 1600 to 2000masl and the main varieties grown are caturra and catimor. San Francisco is one of Falcon Coffees Peru's largest bases of producers and produces some of the best and most consistent coffees in the area. As is the case in most of Northern Peru, drying beds and tents are still not very common and most producers dry their coffee on tarpaulin mats on the ground. Most of the producers pick their coffee themselves and with the help of family and neighbours, before processing and drying it at their home.

Location: Nicaragua - Agua Sarca

Altitude: 1150-1400 MASL

Process: Washed

Variety: Java

Isacio Javier Albir is the owner of the 87 hectare farm, Agua Sarca in the Dipilto area of Nueva Segovia. 20 hectares of the farm is a nature reserve which is wild forest with a river running through it. The other 60 or so hectares are planted with a whole host of varieties, including caturra, catuai, obata, marsellesa, parainema, geisha, java and maracaturra.

Isacio constantly experiments with new fermentation methods and farm management techniques.

This is our first year working with Isacio and this lot is the perfect expression of the java variety that Nicaragua is famous for.