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Hints of: Honey Cake, Dried date, Hazelnut

Grown in: Yemen (Raymi)

Best suited for: Filter + Cold brew + Aeropress

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coffee of the month - From Mokha with Love


Every month we introduce a brand spanking new coffee for your drinking pleasure. We do this to shine a light on a specific grower and explore the diversity of coffees produced around the world.

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November's Coffee of the month: 

Is rather special for us. It is from the country where coffee culture itself originates: Yemen. Rooted in myth and legend, and while coffee trees originated from Ethiopia, the bean is said to have been produced and consumed as a beverage in Yemen as early as the mid-15th century.

For nearly three centuries thereafter, virtually all the coffee production was from Yemen and shipped across the world from its famous port of Mokha. 

We are very grateful to Arabica Felix & Qima Coffee, who sourced those beans from multiple coffee growers of the Raymah Governorate, a region well known for its agriculture.

They go to great lengths to bring the best Yemeni coffees to the market amidst a very difficult situation of armed conflict and humanitarian crisis.

Slowly but surely, Yemen is recovering its former glory for coffee production and the quality of these coffees is a testament to the country's incredible genetic diversity and cultural heritage.  

Grown at very high altitudes, between 1500 and 2000m in mountainous areas, the coffee cherries are traditionally dried on rooftops or African beds.

We tasted many lots this year from different producing regions, and this one particularly stood out for its unique flavours that remind us of spiced honey cake and sweet dried fruits.