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blend of the month - Tropico
blend of the month - Tropico
blend of the month - Tropico
blend of the month - Tropico

blend of the month - Tropico

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Sourced from:
Ethiopia (Genji Challa) + Peru (Susana Hurtado Inga)  

Tastes like:
Mango / Lime Zest / Honey 

Best for:

V60, Chemex, French Press and Cold Brew


You might have guessed it from the name, but every month we introduce a new blend to our roster. That means we can put our Dr. Frankenstein hats on and mix together two beans we think will compliment each other, for a little bit of flavour experimentation. It’s alive! 

Genji Challa is the sister washing station of the famous Nano Challa station. It is located in the Jimma zone, in the region of Oromia. This station was born out of a need for more space as the membership grew and volumes of cherry being delivered became too much for the capacity of the Nano Challa station alone. There are now over 600 members split between the two sites. Farmer members cultivate coffees at altitudes between 1850 and 2100 metres and have, on average, around 3 hectares of land each. As is often the case across Ethiopia, most of the coffees grown locally are organic by default, and consist mostly of old, naturally indigenous heirloom varieties. 

This Ethiopian coffee is bringing lovely fruity and floral flavors to the blend. 

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Susana Hurtado Inga is a coffee producer who lives in San Jose de Lourdes, a small district in the province of San Ignacio in Peru. Susana owns around 1.5 hectares of land planted with caturra coffee trees (a natural mutation of the very well known Bourbon variety). The altitude at the farm ranges from 1800 to 1900masl and the coffee grows under shade from banana and some native fruit trees. Susana picks all the coffee herself and with the help of her family, who also own coffee farms in the area. Since Susana doesn’t have adequate space or infrastructure to dry her coffee after washing, she dries it at a neighbouring farm owned by Roger Chilcon Flores. 

This Peruvian coffee provides a sweet and sugary texture to the blend as well as a delicate dried berry flavor.