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complete coffee starter kit

complete coffee starter kit

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So, you know your flat white from your frapuccino ? Well, we’d certainly hope so!

You love a good cup of the liquid life saver but YOU want to be able to make it, learn more about what you like and hopefully one day get a job at the best company in the world, Perky Blenders. Right? Ok, well this kit can certainly do most of those things for you.

The AeroPress is hands down, our favourite way to brew when at home or on the road. It’s super quick, super easy to use and makes a super good coffee (three super’s, that’s a big deal).

We then have the brilliant RhinoWares hand grinder, if you didn’t know already, the grind of your coffee is arguably more important than how you make it (but let’s not get into that right now, stand down).

You’ll then need some scales to make sure you’re using the right amount and making your coffees as consistent as you can.

Next up, you’ll obviously need some coffee to put in the thing! With this kit, you’ll get 200g of Forest Blend to get you able to grind your own and get experimenting.

Finally, it all fits in a great little gift bag for all your new swag.

You’ll be set for life, you can thank us later/make us a coffee.