We know what it's like- we've lots of lovely looking blends. Coffee from all four corners of the earth blended together to create an amazing flavour you won't get anywhere else. How to decide? You just came here for really good coffee. 

So we've made it simple- here are our four resident blends in one place. Your perfect intro to Perky Blenders. 

Forest is our signature blend. Easy drinking, an all-rounder, a great place to start. A mix of Columbian and Brazilian coffees. It's named after our home borough and roasted with a little Walthamstow love.  

Our Coffee of the Month does what it says on the tin. Every month we shine a light on a different blend. This one is from Guatemala and has delicious flavours of chocolate, nougat, and dried fig.

Acacia is delicate, floral and aromatic. The heart and soul of this blend is an Ethiopian Coffee, rounded off with Rwanda Coffee. This coffee displays the classic floral and delicate characteristics of washed Ethiopian coffees that bring elegance and refinement to this blend.

Sow Blend is big, bold, rustic- ideal for those who love a strong coffee with lots of body and flavour. 

We've four 200g bags (roughly 4 week's worth of coffee) for ONLY £20.