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Perky Blenders are small batch specialty coffee roasters, based in Walthamstow, London. We offer coffee bean subscription, sending fresh coffee by post. Making home coffee brewing as easy as possible.




Brewing, it's a personal thing. We love the AeroPress but you may think that your trusty StoveTop is the only way to brew the perfect cup. Every method is unique and can bring out varied tasting notes from the same batch of beans. 

Whatever method you choose we have a grind to suit. This helps you make the most of your coffee tasting experience. We love to hear from you so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions Below you will find our brew method guide.



Whole Bean

Just as is says on the bag! Whole bean is a bag of freshly roasted beans in their whole form. You can use these in your domestic grinder for a fresher grind. They will also keep fresher for longer, typically for 9 weeks at best but still ok to use after this. All our bags are foil lined and vented to release post roast gasses. It is a good idea to buy a quality grinder that will give you control and consistency. Otherwise just ask us to grind it for you.



Back in the 90’s Aerobie was best known for making great Frisbees and Boomerangs. These days it’s the AeroPress.

The AeroPress is team PB’s favourite way to make coffee at home, we design our coffee to taste it's best for this method.  The total immersion brewing tool is one of the fastest ways to get great coffee into your cup always delivering consistent results. That is why we grind specifically for the AeroPress, we know how it will taste when you make it. We can not predict this with domestic electric coffee makers because they vary in style and method too much. Most domestic machine can not match the AeroPress. Own one!

Like any brew method, the AeroPress allows for some easy experimentation and profiling of a method that suits your taste preferences in the cup. You can find many methods on the web but we prefer the inverse way, here’s an example for one cup made ‘long’:

  1. Boil the kettle and let it cool a bit (90 deg ideal).

  2. Pour some water on a paper filter when in the filter case (prime) & leave to one side.

  3. With AeroPress extended in connected position, stand upside down so it is open.

  4. Pour in a small amount of hot water (10ml or so).

  5. Tip a level dose of Perky Blenders ground coffee into the cylinder (now standing upside down with water in).

  6. Ensure there is enough water to bloom the coffee (wet or paste) and give it a light stir, leaving for 10 seconds.

  7. Now fill up with hot water again only a light stir enough to get the coffee trapped at the bottom.

  8. Place and seal filter on the top and leave for 30 seconds.

  9. Turn upside down placing the filter your mug.

  10. Push down firmly for 30 seconds until you hear it hiss with the final air lock. No need to push further.

Recycle your grounds in compost etc and rinse the device. Add milk if you like or top up with hot water. You can use the method above to make up to 4 cups with a scoop per cup and then top up with hot water after sharing between mugs. Simple.



The classic Italian espresso machine made for the domestic counter. Espresso machines vary in quality and pressures and we grind to suit your device, so (unless you grind your own) select our espresso grind but if you find you need it finer or more coarse then just let us know.

We suggest you refer to your user manual for your espresso machine as we can’t cover them all, but the principal is the same, buy Perky Blenders espresso ground,  use an appropriate dose in your portafilter, then make great coffee! If this doesn’t happen - buy an Aeropress! They are much easier to use and make a delicious consistent alternative without the fuss.


French Press

Also known as the Cafetière, this is classic device and commonly found on the breakfast table or presented at after dinner dining.

Probably the easiest method for making coffee:

  1. Warm your cafetiere by swilling it out with a splash of hot water.

  2. Either grind your own to a reasonably coarse grind or just select a french press grind when buying direct from us.

  3. Allow a heaped dessert spoon per person, but adjust to your own preference.

  4. Pour over enough hot water (not boiling but about 90 deg) to cover the the coffee and let it ‘bloom’ for 10 seconds give it a light stir.

  5. Pour in your water vigorously and in a circular motion until at the level suitable for number of people you are making it for (200ml per person).

  6. We prefer not to stir it too hard just move the ground coffee off the bottom if you need to.

  7. Don’t plunge straight away, give it 2 minutes or so, and then serve.


The is also known as the ‘dripper’, it is a simple single conical filter method designed for an individual or small pour. A very economic piece of kit. It is a classic age old way to make coffee, still used regularly today. The V60 Drip method helps to extract the citrus and acidic notes from fine coffee that can be lost by forcing water through it and adding milk. We prefer not to add any milk when using this method, but that is a personal choice. We suggest you buy a gooseneck kettle for this method but it is not essential.

  1. Place your V60 filter in the V60 Dripper and trickle some hot water in it over a sink or mug enough to wet and prime the paper, tipping any excess away.

  2. Place the dripper over a clean mug or on a stand with jug below.

  3. Put a dose of Perky Blenders V60 ground coffee in the filter (25g or your preference).

  4. Using the kettle (gooseneck preferred) pour 85-90 deg water onto coffee enough to wet it and leave it to bloom for 30 seconds.

  5. Continue to pour over coffee slowly and centrally working a circular motion as you near the top of the dripper and then leave to filter through.

  6. Boom! done. Trickle some more water through if you choose to.

  7. Experiment and enjoy.


Stove Top

A potent punchy way to percolate your coffee on the stove. This is a timely little device that works by forcing steam through your ground coffee, so it picks up a punch as it brews and results in a condensed hot pot.

Devices vary, but the method is similar:

  1. Pour water (hot from kettle if you like, be careful) into base chamber.

  2. Dose Perky Blenders Stove Top ground coffee into filter chamber (this varies but usually you fill it up level).

  3. Tighten everything up and stick it on the stove.

  4. As the water below boils it percolates through.

  5. You can tell when it’s done as it hisses dry.

  6. Give it 30 seconds minimum to cool then pour straight from the jug topping up with hot water or milk to taste.


The Chemex was created in 1941 in a chemist lab in Germany. Unlike the V60, the Chemex decanter is an Erlenmeyer vessel fitted with a belly bottom to allow more aeration in order to develop more flavour.  It comes in different sizes from single cups to 12cups.(Chemex is also James Bond's favourite hand brewing method) 

As with all filter methods we prefer not to drink ours with milk as it releases those delicate flavours. 

  1. Warm the jug with a splash of boiling water swilled out.

  2. Place the filter in (usually a sheet folded in quarters and triple fold over the spout area).

  3. Prime the filter by wetting fully with hot water and then dispose of that water.

  4. Put a dose of Perky Blenders Chemex ground coffee in the filter usually a heaped table spoon.

  5. Using the kettle (gooseneck preferred) pour 85-90 deg water onto coffee, enough to wet it and leave it to bloom for 15 seconds.

  6. Continue to pour over coffee slowly and centrally working a circular motion as you near the top of the dripper and then leave to filter through.

  7. Top up water as it drops low until desired volume achieved (less is stronger).

  8. Enjoy sharing with friends.

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