Crafting The Perfect Espresso: A Step-By-Step Guide




Here’s our favourite way of making an excellent espresso:

  1. Measure out 18g of Perky Blenders (obviously) finely ground coffee into your portafilter, this will make a double shot producing 36 liquid grams.

  2. Tap the portafilter to level out your grinds.

  3. Hold your tamp as if it were a door knob, placing the portafilter on the edge of a stable surface pressing straight down firmly and evenly.

  4. Remove any loose grounds that have remained around the edge to ensure a clean seal when placing it into your machine.

  5. Every machine varies but it usually produces around 9 bars of water pressure with a temperature of coffee temperature of 90 degrees.

  6. The time from when you start your extraction and when it ends should be between 27-31 seconds, if it’s longer or shorter, you’ll need to adjust your grind size to allow more or less water through.

  7. Time to taste; if your shot is sour your grind is probably too course or if it’s bitter your grind is probably too fine. Play around and see what works best with your machine.

  8. And that’s it, you’re done! Time to sip and bathe in your smug new speciality coffee skills.

Let us know if you have any questions or trouble with your brew and we’ll be straight on hand to offer some friendly advice.