Great Taste Bundle

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Great Taste Bundle


We're over the moon to pick up 6, yes 6(!!) Great Taste Awards this year. Included in our awards haul are 2 new blends that both picked up rare 2 star awards ⭐ ⭐

And what good is an award if you can't celebrate with anyone? So, enjoy these Great Taste Award winners for yourself and pick up a 250g bag of both for just £15.00.


Tell me more about the coffee:

Our two 2 star award winners are brand new to the line up. Jazzy Max & Anthem Blend. These blends are too good to leave sitting backstage, so we've decided to bring them into the Perky line-up. So...


Sow Blend is now Jazzy Max

Incoming Blend is now Anthem Blend


We love both Sow Blend & Incoming Blend, but felt like now was the perfect time to give them both a refresh to truly represent what the blends mean to us, and our customers.


Jazzy Max:

Tasting notes: Milk Chocolate, Peach, Cherry

Origin: Brazil & Burundi

Roast Level: Medium - Light

More info: A fusion of naturally processed coffees from Brazil & Burundi bursting with rich cherry flavours that combine perfectly with milk chocolate & peach notes.


Anthem Blend:

Tasting notes: Milk Chocolate, Blackberries, Dates

Origin: Brazil & Costa Rica

Roast Level: Medium

More info: Easy-going, sweet, & balanced. Anthem Blend combines classic espresso chocolate & caramel flavours with a stunning fruity sweetness. If you pop into one of our shops this is the espresso you'll get!