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Hints of: Butterscotch, Dried fruits, Brazil nuts

Grown in: India (Crystal Valley), Brazil (Campo Alegre)

Best suited for: Espresso + Moka Pot + French Press

GETTING TO KNOW our sow blend


This is our most unorthodox blend, the punk of the family. Ideal for those who like their daily cup jam-packed with intense fruity flavours. 

Tell me more!

Our Sow Blend currently features two coffees from India and Brazil.

The Indian coffee is produced by Crystal Valley Estate, a 10 hectares farm owned and operated by Mac Machaiah that's located in a village called Biligiri, in the north of the Coorg state. This Honey processed Catuai brings sweet and nutty undertones.

The Brazilian coffee is produced at Campo Alegre (the "Happy Field"), one of the plots of our favourite Brazilian coffee producer, Fazenda Samambaia. This naturally processed Mundo Novo provides rich cocoa and dried fruit flavours to the blend.