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Wilfa Svart - Home Coffee Grinder
Wilfa Svart - Home Coffee Grinder

Wilfa Svart - Home Coffee Grinder

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Haven't you heard? Grinding is great. Not that kind silly, the coffee kind.

Let us fill your little ear holes with some caffeinated knowledge nuggets.

Grinding coffee beans as and when you need them makes sure they stay super fresh, bringing out the biggest aroma, taste and flavour. Meaning that just because you're in the comfort of your kitchen, you can't get a quality cup of caffeine.

The Wilfa is undoubtably the sleekest looking grinder on the market but it's not all sassy good looks, the build is brill, even turning the hopper (which is how you change the grind for your brew method) feels solidly enjoyable. The hopper itself holds 250g at a time but we recommend weighing what you need every time you brew (if you're not sure how much coffee you need, give our 'learn' page a peak for some top tips). With a multitude of grind settings (AeroPress, V60, Drip, French Press), you can be sure it'll meet your match.

It has a high-torque DC motor that spins at a low speed, this creates less heat whilst it grinds, ensuring that those delicate aromatic compounds found in coffee are preserved, leading to tastier brews. This also means that it's pretty speedy and not ear-poppingly loud like most. Thanks Wilfa.

It's the perfect size for kitchens and offices (we think), not taking up too much of the valuable counter space and is a rather good match for those starting to venture into the world of Speciality Coffee as well as those with a little more experty-experience.

What's Included:

  • 200g Wholebean (because you can grind now) Blend of the Month
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Great dimensions (28cm x 17cm x 12cm)
  • Handy timer function
  • Burrs not blades
  • Easy to clean
  • A high-torque DC motor 
  • EU plug with UK adapter
  • Free kitchen kudos