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Howard Road
London, England, E11 3PJ
United Kingdom


Perky Blenders are small batch specialty coffee roasters, based in Walthamstow, London. We offer coffee bean subscription, sending fresh coffee by post. Making home coffee brewing as easy as possible.

Mini Coffee Scales


Mini Coffee Scales


Mini Coffee Scales


If you’re getting serious about your Specialty brews, it’s probably time we weighed in and told you to get some scales. Ahem, get some scales yeah?

Grams make a great difference when it comes to the flavour of your finished cup and if it’s tasting a little off it could simply be to do with how much you’re putting in/out, shake it all about.

This guy is all you’ll need to make sure you’ll nice and accurate as well as giving you room to experiment with what works for you.

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Don't get weighed down with complicated coffee chat

These will help improve accuracy and allow you to experiment in finding the right brew, for you.

Weighs up to 500g