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Howard Road
London, England, E11 3PJ
United Kingdom


Perky Blenders are small batch specialty coffee roasters, based in Walthamstow, London. We offer coffee bean subscription, sending fresh coffee by post. Making home coffee brewing as easy as possible.

RhinoWares Mini Hand Coffee Grinder


RhinoWares Mini Hand Coffee Grinder


RhinoWares Mini Hand Coffee Grinder


We don’t see nothing wrong, with a little (coffee) and grind

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So you’ve gotten quite into this whole coffee thing and want to be able to make an excellent cup without having to trek to your local cafe right?

We salute you, welcome to the club, it’s nice to have you aboard.

This Mini Hand Grinder from industry experts, RhinoWares is a clever little piece of kit. Capable of holding 28g of whole beans, its super sharp burrs will never rust and is known for its perfect particle distribution, it’s true, it really is.

Along with all that its incredibly easy to adjust to even the finest of grinds/wimpiest of arms, it’s removable handle means it’s super easy to carry it around (why wouldn’t you?), take it on holiday or just show all your friends and colleagues how to really make a great cup of coffee.

Grinding your beans means they stay fresher, longer. This little guy is a must have for those wanting to take the next step into knowing how to home brew.