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single origin - espresso + filter
single origin - espresso + filter
single origin - espresso + filter

single origin - espresso + filter

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Colombia (Finca La Ricuarte) 

Tastes like:
Chocolate, Brown sugar, Red apple

Suitable for:
Espresso & Filter


If you care about quality coffee, you’ve come to the right place. We at Perky are constantly on the hunt for the world’s most delicious coffee, finding the best beans for your brew by sustainably sourcing a superb seasonal selection. Try saying that after an espresso martini.

For our single origin coffee, we’ll source the beans then carefully roast them to get the most from their host. What you end up with is a more developed flavour profile, for those who prefer a little more body and sweetness to their coffee. 

Most methods will yield great results with this blend, but put it through the espresso or stovetop process for a brew that’ll really blow your mind.

More Info

Process: Washed

Varietal: Various 

Location: Antioquia

Antioquia is the largest coffee producing department in northwest Colombia with an estimated 95,000 coffee growers. Most of these are small holders with 2- 5 ha of land but there are also larger family farms in the department that have been part of families for generations. Only recently has specialty coffee been associated with this department as there have been significant quality improvements over the past number of years. The climate and dramatic valleys make this a very challenging environment to produce specialty coffee.

Finca La Ricuarte is a 150 ha farm with 50ha given to the natural forest and environment. This farm belongs to the Velez family who have owned the farm for generations.