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Here at Perky Blenders we want to do everything we can to prevent further harm to our planet.

Technologies, offerings and behaviors are slowly evolving and we hope to explain, educate as well as ask for your assistance when disposing of certain consumables to ensure that very little ends up in landfill.

In order to be fully transparent here's a list of items we use and how best to handle them once they've left us.

our coffee bags:

All of the elements, zipper, the plastic inside, the valve etc are 'oxi-biodegradable'. Oxo-Biodegradable polymers tend to break down in small fragments in 18-24 months after entering a land fill, the zipper and the valve will take longer with no precise estimate given from the manufacturer given the variation in landfill environments.

Please remove the label and pop into your regular paper recycling. .


Zero packaging is always the best alternative. If you live near our cafe 'Project 660', we have two dispensers (one for Forest Blend and one for Decaf). Bring along a container in which you'd like to store your beans, we'll fill it up and you simply pay buy the gram. Each time you fill up you'll get a free coffee for your efforts.

Please note that we can't offer ground coffee through this method as it's far too messy, often requires a bag (defeating the point) and risks contamination of coffee :)


our coffee cups:

Being a hot topic in the last few years, we thought we'd help clarify what's currently on offer. Sadly there aren't many waste plants that can handle 'recyclable' coffee cups and even fewer that can handle 'biodegradable/compostable'. This is down to the 'lining' of the cup (so that it stays somewhat waterproof) as it's not easily separated or able to identify which are recyclable or compostable in the processing plants. 

So when you see green cups in a coffee shop it falls on you, the customer to make sure it ends up in the right area. Sadly, most will get removed from councils garden waste, sent to landfill or incinerated to prevent contaminating the other items in the batch.

Council's are slowly becoming able to manage these, but we'd say it's best to go with 'recyclable' cups if you have to as more places can process them. If you head to Ace to see which councils offer what. Something bearing in mind when choosing which area to dispose of your cup in at the end of your journey.


Bring your own cup! Get in the habit of carrying one with you, we offer a 40p incentive too! Pay back time varies from cup to cup so be sure to buy one for life. We work with our friends at KeepCup who offer a range or colours, finishes and sizes available online and in all of our cafes.