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Hints of: Peach, Red berries, Violet

Grown in: Ethiopia (Keramo)

Best suited for: Filter + Cold Brew + Aeropress

Christmas Gift

How it works: We will dispatch your order between 15th - 17th December, ensuring fresh coffee arrives in time for Christmas. Please note: this will apply to all items in your order.

GETTING TO KNOW our single origin

It’s no secret, we love to carefully blend coffees - bit of a giveaway in our name!

But even we have to admit, many specialty grade coffees are just so tasty and vibrant, there is no need to mess with these gems.  
A wonderfully complex and delicious coffee from the Sidama region in Ethiopia, Keramo displays layer upon layer of all sorts of stone and tropical fruit flavours. Very much a Tutti Frutti vibe going on here. This naturally processed coffee is named after Keramo, a village located in the Bombe mountains. Over a thousand small scale farmers of this region sell their freshly harvested coffee cherries to a washing station operated by a company called Daye Bensa that handles their drying, processing and export out of Ethiopia. Grab a bag while it lasts, we don't have a lot of that juicy coffee in stock!