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What's the latest?

You may have noticed, we have recently updated our packaging for all single bags we send through the post. This includes all 200g, 250g, and 1kg bags.

This is the next step on our packaging journey, however it is not the finish line. We are continuing to develop long-term solutions over the coming weeks, and will keep you up to date with our progress.

We have spent extensive hours reviewing all possible options. While we are excited about the progression we are making, we understand that this is an ongoing process. As the packaging landscape evolves we will continually review the best options for us, and for you.
That's a Perky Promise.

So, what has changed?

We have moved to fully recyclable packaging for all single bags we send through the post

The bags are made of LPDE 4 plastic. A material that is fully recyclable. The cardboard sleeve that holds the coffee bag is also fully recyclable. 

We understand that plastics are not a perfect solution, and unfortunately there simply isn't one available to us at the moment. By making this change, we are ensuring that we are not using any “to landfill” products in our packaging, and that all elements can be recycled & live on after their coffee journey to you. Something that is very important to us.

Where can you recycle your bags?

  • Our new bags can be taken to recycling points. This includes all major supermarket chains, who will accept and properly recycle the materials.
  • You return your bags to any of our Perky Blenders shops, including our Roastery in Leytonstone.
    All locations can be found here:
  • While some local councils do accept LPDE 4 in kerbside recycling, this is limited throughout the UK and changes between areas. Please check the regulations with you local authority.
  • The cardboard sleeves are recyclable with your household cardboard waste. When you recycle them you can be assured they will be recycled back into cardboard at least 15 times.


If you have any questions about our packaging, or anything else, drop us a line at hello@perkyblenders.com

Team PB