Our Banging Non-Caffeine Resident

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Hints of: Maple Syrup, Stewed Apple, Dried Fruit

Grown in: Karnataka, India

Best suited for: Espresso + Filter Brewing



Often frowned upon, decaf coffee can be delicious when done well. We believe they should be treated with the same respect as our other coffees, and we’re on a mission to bring you the cream of the non-caffeinated crop.

Our current decaf is a gem. In the cup we find a sweet maple syrup flavours, complimented by stewed apple & dried fruit tasting notes.




Our Decaf coffee hails from the Ratnagiri Estate in Karnataka, India... A place considered to be the motherland of Indian coffee production.

Passed down from generation to generation, Ratnagiri Estate is very much a success story. In recent years, Ratnagiri’s owner, Ashok Patre decided to modernize, optimizing fertilization and plantings, setting the stage for better and better harvests to come.

Patre has led the farm in experimental processing, including the production of microlots of anaerobic fermentations of natural and honey processed coffees.

Ratnagiri has acquired a strong reputation in the coffee world for its agricultural practices (organic & biodynamic), its experimental processes and investment in improving the quality of life of those who make it a reality, it's people.

This coffee is a blend of different varieties (Catuai & Cauvery) produced at the farm that also underwent different processes (Honey & Washed). With an evolving maple syrup and green stewed apple flavours, we believe this is one of the most interesting decaf coffees of the year.