Anthem Blend

Classic & Caramel

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Hints of: Milk Chocolate, Golden Apple, Caramel

Grown in: Brazil & Colombia

Best suited for: Espresso + Filter Brewing

Anthem Blend

Easy-going, sweet & balanced, Anthem Blend works well as a classic espresso, or for those who like a filter with a bit more body - making it a great gateway into the specialty coffee world, or a nice surprise for a seasoned specialty coffee drinker.

Anthem Blend currently features coffees from 3 amazing coffee producing countries; Brazil & Colombia, with stunning flavour notes of golden apple, caramel and milk chocolate, all wrapped in a creamy texture.


Fazenda Samambaia has won many awards for its high-quality coffee, including the Cup of Excellence. This area is very well known for its ideal conditions for coffee growing. 

This Topazio cultivar was processed using this traditional natural method. 

For this special lot, processing begins by placing selectively harvested coffee cherries in thick stacks on raised platforms. Once the beans are stacked, the fermentation process may take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours - until a central temperature of 38c is recorded. 

By picking only the ripest cherries, the coffee mucilage is packed full of sugars, helping to improve the microbial activity. This results in a coffee packed with nutty flavour notes, wrapped in a chocolaty texture.

Balancing out the blend is a sweet Colombian coffee produced in Huila region - Remolinos. Remolinos is a regional blend that delivers a perfect balance with a content of 80% Pink Bourbon cherries and 20% from the variety Caturra.  

Delicate, complex, and characterised by its sweetness, the Pink Bourbon variety has managed to captivate a large number of producers in southern Huila due to its resistance to rust, high productivity, and high cup quality.

We partnered with our friends from Maniwua, a team of specialists in Colombian coffee culture who made it possible to deliver this coffee to the UK. They were able to establish a laboratory for coffee analysis in Pitalito, Huila, where a local buyer can cup and identify higher cup qualities, separate them, and pay a premium price directly to the coffee producer.

Remolinos refers to the swirls or whirlpools that occur frequently in the many rivers that run down the mountains and valleys of South Huila. This region is very fertile for agriculture, with the Colombian Massif holding about 70% of Colombia’s freshwater.


These geographic features are the perfect environment for the production of this lot that showcases subtle notes of flowers, apple, and an incomparable sweetness.