Collection: Our Packaging

Our Bags

We have committed to fully recyclable packaging across our entire range.

The bags are made of LPDE 4 plastic - a material that is fully recyclable. The cardboard sleeves and boxes that we use to post our coffee bags are also fully recyclable.

We understand that plastics are not a perfect solution, and unfortunately there simply isn't one available to us at the moment. But we're ensuring that we're not using any 'to landfill' products in our packaging, and that all elements can be repurposed after their journey to you. Something that is very important to us.

As the packaging landscape evolves we will continually review the best options for us, and for you. That's a Perky Promise.

Our Cups

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing green about single use.

Coffee cups have been a hot topic over the last few years, so we thought we'd help clarify what's currently on offer. 

Sadly, there aren't many waste plants that can handle 'recyclable' coffee cups – and even fewer that can handle 'biodegradable/compostable' coffee cups. 

This is down to the lining of the cup, which is there to keep it somewhat waterproof – it's not easy for processing plants to separate this, or to identify which parts are recyclable or compostable. 

Thankfully, councils are slowly getting better at managing biodegradable waste – but, for now, we'd say it's best to play it safer with a 'recyclable' cup. 

Where to Recycle our Packaging

  • Our coffee bags can be taken to recycling points. This includes all major supermarket chains, who will accept and properly recycle the materials.

  • You can return your bags to any of our Perky Blenders shops, including our Roastery in Leytonstone. All locations can be found here.

  • While some local councils do accept LPDE 4 in kerbside recycling, this is limited throughout the UK and changes between areas. Please check the regulations with your local authority.

  • The cardboard sleeves are recyclable with your household cardboard waste. When you recycle them you can be assured they will be recycled back into cardboard at least 15 times. 

Zero Packaging & Refill

Zero packaging is always the best option.

If you’re grabbing a coffee from one of our stores, bring your own cup!

We work closely with the eco geniuses over at KeepCup - but we're always chuffed to see any reusable cups! You can even pick up your very own Perky KeepCup on our website, or in any of our stores.

If you pop into any of our cafes, you can fill up on Anthem Blend and Decaf beans using your own container, or Perky bag. Each time you fill up, or buy your beans in-store, you'll get a free coffee for your efforts as our way of saying thanks. 

You’ll also find us in a number of refill stores all over London & the UK. Here are just a few:

  • Refill Therapy - Hackney Wick / East Village
  • Stone Mini Market - Leytonstone
  • Lily's Fruit & Veg - Newington Green
  • Zero Waste Bulk Foods - Leyton
  • One Planet Refill - South Woodford
  • Ecolnes Refillery - Colchester