Acacia Blend

Bright, Sweet, & Fruity

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Hints of: Honey, Orchard fruits, Golden raisins

Grown in: Rwanda & Colombia

Best suited for: Espresso & Filter Brewing

GETTING TO KNOW our Acacia Blend


Acacia blend is our love letter to the Speciality Coffee World, featuring a seasonal rotation of the cleanest and sweetest washed coffees from our favourite producers. With its lighter, floral, citrus tasting notes, it is a nod to those crisp and elegant coffee flavours we love so much.

Acacia Blend currently features coffees from Rwanda and Colombia.

The Rwandan coffee is produced at Ruli, one of the 3 washing stations operated by the Musasa Dukunde Kawa cooperative with cherries collected from over a thousand small scale farmers of their region. This washed Red Bourbon brings the golden raisin and honey fruit flavours to the blend.

The Colombian coffee is produced by ASORCAFE, an association of coffee growers from the department of Cauca. 52 producers contribute to this washed blend of Caturra, Castillo, and Colombia varieties that brings a tonne of brown sugar sweetness and orchard fruit flavours.

Bright, sweet, and fruity. Acacia Blend works well for both espresso and brewed coffee alike. Components rotate every few months, bringing you the freshest beans from our producing partners around the world.