At the heart of Perky Blenders are our roasters. They are the coffee geniuses behind our blends. Its them who taste hundreds of cups of coffee to get you the finest coffees from around the world, blend them into extraordinary flavours and get them into your letterbox. 

We're now boxing up that genius with our roaster's selection box. Three 200g bags of coffee that our roaster's recommend every month. Make sure you subscribe to get extraordinary coffee created by the experts every month.

In this month's box we have for your sipping pleasure...

Coffee of the Month:

Our Coffee of the Month, Bike Club Brew is one of the first from the new Ethiopian crop. Delicious floral and citrus flavours of and great for every brewing method.

Sow Blend:

Our Sow Blend is one of our most popular blends, a real strong classic European coffee with lots of walnut and brown spices. It's great as an espresso, flat white or filter with milk. 


Often frowned upon, decaffeinated coffee can be absolutely delicious when done well. And that’s exactly our mindset when we source and roast our seasonal selection of decaf coffees. We believe they should be treated with the same respect as our other coffees and we’re on a mission to bring to you the cream of the crop. 

Decaffeinated with a natural sugarcane process, this coffee is produced by an association of growers in Colombia whose purpose is to improve the economic independence of its members and the quality of their coffees.