At the heart of Perky Blenders are our roasters. They are the coffee geniuses behind our blends. It's them who taste hundreds of cups of coffee to get you the finest coffees from around the world, blend them into extraordinary flavours and get them into your letterbox. 

We're now boxing up that genius with our roaster's selection box. Three 200g bags of coffee that our roasters recommend every month. Make sure you subscribe to get a new combination of coffee each month - expertly chosen for you.

In this month's box, we have for your sipping pleasure...

Coffee of the Month (Baba Budan):

Our Coffee of the Month, Baba Budan is produced at the Krishna Giri plantation by Boje Gowda and his family. You will enjoy delicious chocolaty and roasted nuts flavours. 


Acacia blend is our love letter to East Africa, the birthplace of our favourite drink, and a part of the world revered by amateurs for the vibrancy and intoxicating flavours of its coffees. We named the blend after the Acacia centre where our roastery is located in Leytonstone. We thought the name captures the essence of what makes African coffees so special to everyone: aromatic, pure and oh so sweet. 

Forest Blend:

Did we mention? We’re from Walthamstow. And there’s a little bit (OK, a lot) of our home in everything we do. With that in mind, it makes sense that we’d put a bit of home in our hero coffee. Meet our Forest Blend – named after London’s best borough, Waltham Forest.


Don't Forget...

The roaster's selection box coffee changes each month. Keep an eye on our website to see what is heading your way!