A handy guide to managing your subscription


We’ve recently moved from one back-end system (called ‘Bold’) to another (called ‘Recharge) to help you manage your subscription more easily. We’ve designed it to be simpler, easier and clearer but like all change, sometimes it's bumpy. So, we’ve put this guide together with the most commonly asked questions to help you.

How do I look at my subscription?

Start on the people symbol on the top right hand corner of the website to see your current account with us. You might have to log-in with your email address and password. 

How do I manage my subscription?

If you click on ‘Manage my subscription’ - it will come up with your Subscription page. This page has most of the things you’ll need to manage your subscription. It may say ‘checking your Shopify ID’ - this is the platform we use and nothing to worry about.. 

Subscriptions: has all your subscriptions all in one page. 

If you want to edit your subscription, click edit. This page then gives you all the details behind your subscription, when you’ll next be charged, when your next delivery will be. It gives you the ability to add products and skip a delivery. 

Delivery schedule: has all your planned deliveries on one page, again you can choose to edit or skip a delivery. 

Purchase History: has all your previous purchases from us on one page

Addresses: has the addresses we have for you on file. You can edit your details here. 

Billing Address: this has the billing details we have for you. Again, you can edit your details in here. 

Where’s my coffee?

Take a look at Delivery Schedule and check the details. If they’re wrong, you can edit them here. If it says your coffee has been delivered and you haven’t got it, then you can alert us at orders@perkyblenders.com and we can investigate for you. 

I got the wrong coffee!

Check your details on your account. If the wrong coffee has been sent, then sometimes mistakes happen, get in touch at orders@perkyblenders.com and we can help you get the right package.