Here's our favourite way to make a marvellous Moka Pot.

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Boil your kettle, and let it cool a bit (94 degrees, if you’re a perfectionist like us). Pour the water just below the valve in your pot to preheat, and to prevent any metallic tastes from getting into your coffee.


For a 3-cup Moka Pot, measure out around 15g of Perky finely ground coffee into the basket, or until it is level with the top.


Give it a cheeky tap on a surface to ensure everything is nice and even. Brush any loose grounds from the edge to ensure a tight seal.


Get screwing! it’s best to use a towel to hold the bottom half, as it’ll be a touch hot.


Time to pop it onto your stove on a medium heat, making sure that the handle is clear of the heat (you’ll thank us later). Leave the lid open.


Once you see a rich, brown colour changing smoothly to a lighter honey-yellow, it’s time to remove the pot from the heat.


Hold the bottom with that faithful towel, and run the bottom half under some cold water. This will help stop the extraction.


You’ll be left with a small shot, that’s super concentrated, rich and very tasty. You can drink this as an espresso, or add more water if you’re a fan of a longer beverage. Enjoy!