Collection: Shift to Reusable

Hey There! 

While we take pride in every coffee we serve - we think it would be even better if every coffee was in a reusable cup.

Sustainability is one of our top priorities, and we’re always looking at how we can improve our products and packaging to do the best we can for our planet.

We work closely with KeepCup to promote reusable cups across our shops and online platforms. We’ve even teamed up to create our very own Perky KeepCup!

A Special Offer, Just For You… 😘

If you want to join in the zero-packaging revolution, use this code for 25% off our Perky KeepCup!


Want to buy in-store? Just show this page to your Perky barista for 25% off KeepCups in-store.

Everytime you reach for your KeepCup instead of a disposable cup, you’ll know you’re making a big difference for the environment. You’ll also probably get a few compliments in the cafe line, but we can’t guarantee that. 

Stay Perky!