Anthem Blend

Classic & Caramel

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Hints of: Red Apple, Maple Syrup & Walnuts

Grown in: Brazil, China & El Salvador

Best suited for: Espresso + Filter Brewing

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Anthem Blend

Easy-going, sweet, & balanced, Anthem Blend works well as a classic espresso, or for those who like a filter with a bit more body.... Making it a great gateway into the specialty coffee world, or a nice surprise for a seasoned specialty coffee drinker.

Anthem Blend currently features coffees from Brazil, China & Salvador, a mix that never goes wrong. The blend with Red Apple, Maple Syrup & Walnuts.


The Brazilian coffee is produced by Fazenda Samambaia in the Sul de Minas region. This Topazio cultivar from the most recent harvest is processed using the traditional Natural method and boasts nutty notes wrapped in a chocolatly texture.

We blend this Brazilian coffee with Catimor, from the region of Yunnan in China.

The Catimor variety can come with a bad reputation, but this lot is an example of just how tasty it is when processed with care, adding to it a balanced sweetness with its caramel and apple notes. 

To round off this recipe, we introduce the Cauai variety from the region of Los Nogales in El Salvador. This variety comes from a special double soaked process method, being pulped in a tank of water for up to 22 hours with the water refreshed half way through the process. The beans are then sun-dried on raised beds. This method enhances the fruity flavours of the beans and a pleasant creamy texture with intense sweetness