Christmas Coffee

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Hints of: Cinnamon, Caramelised Biscuits, Blueberries

Grown in: India & Peru

Best suited for: Any brewing method

Christmas Coffee

Our Christmas Coffee is back! Our ever-popular celebration of the festive season this year features two origins that truly characterise the flavours of Christmas. 

We’ve carefully selected coffees from India & Peru, two countries that produce fantastic coffee, but may be relatively unknown for some. The blend is roasted to a medium level & boasts Cinnamon, Caramelised Biscuits and Blueberry tasting notes. 

We’re so excited to bring you our Christmas Blend this year - we know you’re going to love it ❤️.

From the Chikmagalur District in the Western Mountains of Southern India, we source beans produced by the Kondadakan farm. This Estate receives ample rainfall and has significant temperature variations between summer and winter, which requires a particular method of cultivation - with the coffee growing under native trees for shade, enhancing the flavour of the beans.

The farm is also known for its agroforestry practices, incorporating crops of pepper and orange. The estate uses minimal chemicals and relies on manual labour for most of its work, preserving the purity of the environment.

Kondadakan showcases the best practices of the farmers in India and surprises us with its balanced sweetness and delicate spiced notes.

To blend with this stunning Indian coffee we’ve chosen a Peruvian lot produced in Jaen, which lies in the region of Cajamarca.

Peru’s unique geographical features include the high altitude of the Andes, volcanic soil, and tropical rainfall - creating prime conditions for harvesting high-quality Arabica, which is just as good as its neighbouring countries.

Thanks to the work of exporting company Falcon, many post-harvest practices have improved. A newly established Quality Control lab in Jaen allows farmers to analyse and taste their coffee, a practice that is new to the region and greatly assists with creating a fair pricing system for these brilliant coffees.

This particular bean is characterised for its fruitiness, with notes of blueberries and plums.


Our Special Christmas Label:

Our festive Christmas label label was designed by the super talented Emily Hinckley of Nomadic Arthouse

The label features the man himself trying his hand at roasting is Emily's unique style. We love the warmth the bag gives us, and it combines two of our favourite things - Christmas & coffee (the latter is probably a given).