Coffee Of The Month - Radiophare

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Hints of: Plum, Lemon, Caramel

Grown in: Java, Indonesia

Best suited for: Filter Brewing

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Coffee Of The Month - Radiophare

What’s brewing this month?

May is a very special one for us as we revisit an good old friend from Indonesia - Radiophare.

A wet hulled lot that we've lightly roasted to bring out the stunning Plum, Caramel, and Lemon flavours. This is one of the best brews we've tasted in awhile!

More about the coffee:

Radiophare is a Javanese coffee from Sunda, the best and oldest terroir on the island (Western Java).

The Sundanese are Indonesia’s second largest ethnic group after the Javanese, who generally inhabit the centre and east of the island where the terroir is mountainous and hilly. West Java, in contrast, is particularly fertile and an important agricultural area, considered the rice granary of Indonesia. In addition to rice crops, you will also find large plantations of tea and fruit trees.

This coffee is produced by Klasik Beans, a cooperative founded in 2008 by a group of producers in Puntang, who take pride in their ecological and human commitment and the quality of coffee. The cooperative's aim is to preserve Indonesian cultural heritage through the creation of sustainable, organic, and fair-trade coffees.

This coffee is a blend of typica, line S and catimor, grown exclusively under shade. This particular lot is processed with the wet-hulled method, where the coffee is milled when still wet, creating rich and strong notes, a syrupy body, and low acidity. Radiophare showcases these attributes on its caramel and citrus notes, a balanced body, and a bright aftertaste.

Either if you are an expert coffee drinker or a newbie in the specialty world, this coffee will invite you to drink more than one cup.



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