Coffee Of The Month - La Joya

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Hints of: Blueberry Cream, Milk Chocolate, Chamomile

Grown in: El Salvador

Best suited for: Filter

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Coffee Of The Month - La Joya

What’s brewing this month?

From El Salvador, we welcome this delightful Coffee of the Month named La Joya


This cup is bursting with flavours of Blueberry Cream, Milk Chocolate, Chamomile, and makes for a wonderful filter coffee.


We sourced this amazing coffee from our friends from Caravela, that have been working with the small-scale producers for years all over the coffee countries.

More about the coffee:

Chalatenango is a region of northwest El Salvador, stretching from the Honduran border to the bird-rich Cerrón Grande reservoir, known as Lake Suchitlán. El Salvador's highest mountain, Cerro El Pital, is set in a cloud forest surrounded by rare birds and plants. 

Close to El Pital are the towns of La Palma, lined with colourful murals, and San Ignacio, known for its artisan workshops. 

We’re very proud to introduce the group of fascinating female coffee growers based in La Palma surroundings. These El Salvadorian women strive to produce outstanding coffee lots, and to sustain their families.


This group of women are known for being strong and passionate, and exceptionally organised in terms of their farm management. Some notable figures on the farm include Ana Deysi Hernandez, Blanca Adela Perez, Blanca Maria Reyna & Sara Hernandez. 

They named this blend “La Joya”, which means ‘the jewel’. It points out the precious female farmers' hard work as it honours one of the most important archeological sites of Mesoamerica - La Joya de Cerén. This World Heritage Site was discovered by accident in 1976 and it represents a journey throughout the Mayan history and culture in Central America.

This community lot is the blend of bourbon and pacas varieties. The process is a traditional fully washed before the coffee cherries being sun-dried on raised beds and patios. 

The careful and precise farming practice provides a very clean coffee. In the cup, there are distinct fruity and floral characteristics, as well as a dessert-like sweetness, with hints of milk chocolate, agave and banana. The luscious undertones of blueberry cream, followed by a chamomile long finish, leaves a strong but smooth mouthfeel.

How does Coffee of the Month work?

We produce a brand spanking new coffee, every month. If you’re someone who thinks variety is the spice of life - this one's for you. 

Our Coffee of the Month gives us the opportunity to shine a light on a specific grower or community as we explore amazingly diverse coffees from all around the world. 

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