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Hints of: Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Stewed Apple

Grown in: Colombia

Best suited for: Espresso

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Often frowned upon, decaf coffee can be delicious when done well. We believe they should be treated with the same respect as our other coffees, and we’re on a mission to bring you the cream of the non-caffeinated crop.

We sourced these beans through our friends from DR Wakefield, who dedicate their efforts to finding producers that work towards commitment to quality, sustainability, equity and social welfare.

Our current decaf is a gem. Hailing from Colombia, the cup boasts notes of caramel, milk chocolate & stewed apple, all with a super smooth finish.


Our new decaf coffee comes from Armenia in the Region of Quindio, the second smallest department in Colombia, but thanks to a high concentration of coffee producers, Quindio is one of the key production districts in the country. 

El Eden is a blend from 16 entrepreneurial farmers. The name itself comes from the venue ‘Rancho Eden’ where the group would hold regular meetings to discuss best practices, business challenges and opportunities.

Coffee when harvested is brought to the Racafe mill in Armenia, where it is sampled, cupped, and graded. The overall blend profile is managed by a separate cupping room facility where consistency and quality are maintained.

Picking from their mainly Castillo and Catimor planted fields, the coffee is typically wet processed the same day as picking and dried on either ‘Casa Elba’ Patios, drying beds either on rails themselves or with a roof that is on rails to protect from weather, or mechanical driers.

This coffee is picked and processed in the same manner as our full-caf offering, before being shipped to Vancouver for decaffeination through our friends at Swiss Water. Here the coffee is soaked in a proprietary Green Coffee Extract (GCE), that allows the caffeine to seep out without removing too much of the flavour. 

The caffeine is then removed and the beans returned to the GCE to reabsorb any flavours that previously escaped.

The beans result in a coffee consistent and sweet that in the Quindio case, showcases notes of caramel, milk chocolate, dates and hints of stewed apple, all accentuating a smooth mouthfeel.