Espresso Twin Pack

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Espresso Twin Pack

The perfect combo for any at home espresso maker ūüėć

Our 2 resident espresso blends - Forest & Anthem - are roasted slightly on the darker side, giving them the body & flavour punch you want from your espresso, while still having their own unique character & flavour.

Whether you're an espresso enthusiast or just looking to spice up your coffee routine, our Espresso Twin Pack is here to elevate your coffee game.

Grab a 200g bags of both of our resident espresso blends for just £16.50.

Forest Blend:

Tasting notes: Dark Chocolate, Almonds, Dried Dates

Origin: Brazil

Roast Level: Medium - Dark

More info: The original Perky Blend, & our most classic tasting. It's ideal for those who like a darker, full bodied and chocolaty cup of coffee with low acidity. This one is as smooth as they come.

Anthem Blend:

Tasting notes: Cacao Nibs, Gala Apples, Cane Sugar

Origin: Brazil, Costa Rica & India

Roast Level: Medium

More info: Easy-going, sweet, & balanced. Anthem Blend combines classic espresso chocolate & caramel flavours with a stunning fruity sweetness. If you pop into one of our shops this is the espresso you'll get!

Crafting the Perfect Espresso:

Want to get the most out of your home espresso - of course you do! Check out our step-by-step guide on how to brew the perfect espresso here.