Forest Blend

Full Bodied & Chocolaty

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Hints of: Dark Chocolate, Almonds, Dried Dates

Grown in: Sul de Minas, Brazil

Best suited for: Espresso + Filter Brewing

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GETTING TO KNOW our Forest Blend

The original Perky Blend, and our most traditional tasting.

Ideal for those who like a darker, full bodied and chocolaty cup of coffee with low acidity.

Crowd pleasing, uncomplicated and laid-back, this blend works wonders brewed in a stovetop moka pot or as an espresso... but is versatile enough to work as a banging filter too.


Forest Blend currently features a blend of coffees from the San Coffee Cooperative throughout Campo das Vertentes.

San Coffee work with the producers in the area, empowering them to grow higher-quality coffee, maintaining consistency and responsibility. The location is superb for naturally processed coffees thanks to the broad temperature ranges in the winter, giving the coffee time to mature slowly on the tree.

The cool, green hills of Minas Gerais provide ideal conditions for coffee growing and produce some of Brazil’s finest beans. The region is known as ‘Vertentes’ as it forms a border between two basins in Brazil: the Grande River Basin and the São Francisco River Basin. The name ‘Campo das Vertentes’ translates to mean ‘watershed fields.’

We take Forest Blend to the darker side of our roasting spectrum, making it a joy to calibrate and brew easily with an espresso machine.

Perky Tip: New to specialty coffee, or just beginning to make espresso at home? Forest Blend is the perfect place to start.