Forest Blend

The Original Perky Blend

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Hints of: Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Citrus Fruits

Grown in: Brazil (Fazenda Samambaia), Ethiopia (Egata Beshu)

Best suited for: Espresso + Filter

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GETTING TO KNOW our Forest Blend


Easy-going, with classic chocolate and brown sugar flavours, Forest Blend works well with any brewing method, with milk or without.

The blends style and components remain fairly stable throughout the year, meaning a cup of Forest Blend always tastes like a warm welcome home. 

Forest Blend currently features coffees from Brazil and Ethiopia, and boasts chocolate, dried fruit, and creamy tasting notes.

The Brazilian coffee is produced by Fazenda Samambaia in the Sul de Minas region. This Topazio cultivar is naturally processed and boasts chocolate and dried fruit notes wrapped in a creamy texture.

The Ethiopian coffee is produced by Egata Beshu at his washing station in Bona Zuria in the Sidama region with coffee cherries collected from over 390 small scale farmers of the area. This washed "Heirloom" (blend of local landraces) provides a delicate citrusy flavour and soft floral notes.