Jazzy Max

Funky & Jammy

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Hints of: Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Peach

Grown in: Brazil & Burundi

Best suited for: Filter Brewing

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Jazzy Max


Our resident Naturally Processed blend. Ideal for those who like their daily cup packed with ripe fruity flavours.

Featuring a seasonal selection of the most unique coffees from our favourite producers around the world, Jazzy Max works well for filter brewing and for those who like a fruity espresso.

Jazzy Max currently features coffees produced in Burundi and Brazil, creating a blend that showcases the best of each origin. We're talking Cherry, Milk Chocolate, & Peach tasting notes.


From Fazenda Samambaia in Sul de Minas, Brazil, we source a Yellow Bourbon varietal processed using the ‘Bean by Bean’ Natural Method.

The cherries are taken after harvest and placed in raised beds in a one cherry thick layer. Carefully, the raking stage only starts once the cherries are dry enough to endure the pressure without any damage.

After 2 to 3 days of continuous raking, the single coffee cherry layer is folded into roughly half of the area, doubling the thickness. This operation is repeated two or three times for 7 to 8 days with the layer becoming thicker at each round.

The time invested shows its results in a cup that provides the blend with flavours of cherries and peaches without being overwhelming.


The second component is sourced from one of the smallest coffee-producing countries in East Africa: Burundi. We source the beans from MIgoti Hill, a cooperative where numerous farmers join efforts to deliver the best of their harvest.

The name “Migoti” comes from a local indigenous tree and is also the name of the mountain where the washing station is located. Coffee trees are owned by the community and Migoti purchases the cherries directly from the farmers.

The beans are placed on raised beds where the coffee is regularly turned as it dries, developing notes of chocolate, brown spices, and baked fruits.