Single Origin Twin Pack

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Single Origin Twin Pack

We do love a blend... but we also love to celebrate our stunning Single Origin coffees¬†ūüėć

Our Single Origin coffees are always top quality. They are traditionally lightly roasted with more floral, sweet, and bright flavour notes - making them ideal for anyone who brews their coffee by filter. 

Both brews are regularly rotated, allowing us to shine a light on a specific grower, region, or community as we explore amazingly diverse coffees from all around the world.

Grab a 200g bags of both of our resident Single Origins for just £18.50.


Coffee Of The Month:

Tasting notes: Nectarine, Honey, Floral

Origin: Ethiopia

Roast Level: Medium

More info: We source beans from the Kercha district in Guji, with this naturally processed lot producing a stunning cup that’s bursting with nectarine, honey, and floral notes.


Single Origin:

Tasting notes: Tropical Fruits, Marzipan, Maple Syrup

Origin: West Arsi, Ethiopia

Roast Level: Light / Medium

More info: Our current Single Origin is from West Arsi, Ethiopia. This lot is processed with the anaerobic method and delivers notes of Tropical Fruit, Marzipan, and Maple Syrup, creating a stunningly sweet and smooth coffee!