Single Origin

Krishna Giri

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Hints of: Cherries, Nougat, Dried Fruits

Grown in: Chikmagalur, India

Best suited for: Filter Brewing

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Single Origin

It’s no secret, we love to carefully blend coffees - the name is a bit of a giveaway... But even we have to admit, many specialty grade coffees are just so tasty they deserve to shine on their own.

And our current Single Origin is not one to be missed. We have a stunning naturally processed lot from the Krishna Giri plantation that simply oozes cherry & nougat flavours. We've lightly roasted this beauty... giving you a full bodied and layered cup of Perky goodness. 


Established in 1885, Krishna Giri is operated by the Gowda family. We featured one of their honey processed coffees as a ‘Coffee of the Month’ last year, & are delighted to have their coffee in our Autumn line-up again this year.

Krishna Giri is located in the south western state of Karnataka in India, alongside the lush Chandradrona hills.

The ‘Chandragiri’ cultivar is a fairly new
hybrid variety developed in India, a cross between (dwarf) Bourbon and Timor Hybrid. This coffee has been processed with the "natural" method, where the cherries are kept intact and dried in the sun while still covered with their flesh and skin, bringing forward plenty of body and ripe fruit flavours.