Sow Blend

Full Of Sweet Fruity Flavours

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Hints of: Stone Fruit, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla

Grown in: Ethiopia & Brazil

Best suited for: Filter Brewing

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Sow Blend


Our resident Naturally Processed blend. Ideal for those who like their daily cup packed with ripe fruity flavours.

Featuring a seasonal selection of the most unique coffees from our favourite producers around the world, Sow works well for filter brewing and for those who like a fruity espresso.

Our Sow Blend currently features coffees from two powerhouses of the coffee world... Brazil & Ethiopia. The blend showcases the best of both regions - with sweet fruitiness combining with nutty & chocolate notes.



The Ethiopian coffee in the blend hails from Guji. We sourced coffee produced by the Adola dry mill, with cherries collected from over a thousand small scale farms of the area.

The contributing farmers are all registered and a part of the Kerchanshe support network that helps smallholders and their families with access to healthcare, education and agricultural support. 


The Brazilian component is sourced from the Region of Sul de Minas, where our friends from Fazenda Samambaia produced this special lot from the Mundo Novo variety in their sub-farm called Campo Alegre (Happy Field), sited in some of the higher points of Samambaia, between 950 and 1,150 metres above sea level.